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  • In our every day lives, there are things which we do not see, do not notice, and do not touch. There exists a miniscule abstract world that stretches to infinity. The only way to view such a world is through a pinhole made by a needle that pokes through the surface that covers us. In there, you see a world with extreme shapes and tranquil spaces. We call this beauty or Venus.

    Emi Anrakuji's art is often regarded as erotic and mysterious, but that describes only a small part of her playful representations riddled with enigma. For Anrakuji, beauty is like a condensed gemstone ball, its dangerous core ready to explode, and at the same time it is flexible, floating and always changing. With her own penetrating eyes, Anrakuji is determined to capture images of sensations running throughout the body, from her brain to the very terminals of her cells.

    In this particular work, the photographic image is recreated in a lithograph, not by conventional printing on photographic paper. This medium reveals her intentions of creating innovative, multilayered images. With the choice of lithography as a new tool for her work, she attempts to resurrect a novel beauty that sleeps deep inside her. Releasing this work in a new venue is a step into a different dimension of beauty for her.

    "Untitled #001" (or “Venus at Room Temperature”)

    Limited release of 30 copies, each edition numbered and signed by the artist.

  • Type:

    Lithograph, 12 colors, handprinted


    257 x 192 mm


    Canson Edition (French), 387 x 312 mm

    Custom frame size:

    447 x 372 mm, thickness: 15 mm, material: Japanese cypress wooden basis finish, acrylic (2 mm), mat (2 mm), window 287 x 212 mm, offset clips


    USD1,500 (including custom frame, sales tax, international shipping & handling)

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    Born in Tokyo. Studied at the Musashino Art University. During a period of ailing health, she started to study copper engraving, photography, and private photo collections.

    In 2001, after over ten years of preparatory training, her work won the London Photographic Award for excellence and attracted a lot of attention. Since then, she has presented new work in Japan and in group exhibitions held in Japan and abroad.

    Some of her published works:

    "IPY" (Nazraeli Press, 2008)
    "Witness" collaboration with Daido Moriyama (JGS/U.S.A, 2007)
    "One Picture Book No.40 'e-hagaki' " (Nazraeli Press, 2007)
    "Anrakuji" (Nazraeli press, 2006)
    "HMMT?" (U-time Publishing Co., Ltd., 2005)