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    April 1st, 2005

    Honorary President:

    Damon Lanza (Mario Lanza's son)

    Honorary Members:

    Kathryn Grayson (Hollywood actress, singer)
    Al Martino (Singer)
    Robert Dolfi (Vice President of The Lanza Legend)


    Takeo Hayano (Representative Director of e-Art, Co., Ltd.)


    Tominaga Keiichiro (President of Interpro, full member of the Nichii Ongaku Kyokai)
    Yamashita Yoko (President of Shinki Gosei, Inc.)
    Kawamura Saburo (President of E-Workshop, Inc.)
    Yoshimori Koji (Executive Director of Apcot, Inc.)


    Distributes information related to Mario Lanza
    Conducts exchanges with Mario Lanza fan clubs around the world
    Participates in memorial events
    Encourages and introduce young singers
    Loans out CDs and videos free of charge; sponsors and supports charity concerts, etcetera
    Sponsors and supports charity concerts, etcetera


    Non-profit organization (NPO)


    e-Art, Co., Ltd. MLSJ representative

    Sculptress: Kaidin ML Houelleur
    Association: e-Art Co., Ltd.